Car Technology

When we were kids, we watched The Jetsons and dreamed of the day when we would zoom through the air to get to work. While we haven’t come that far yet, and don’t seem likely to any time in the immediate future, there are a lot more high tech options to consider when you type the information into an auto loan calculator than there were even a few years ago.

Remember when you had to actually roll the window up and down. Yes, children, that term actually does mean something. Back in the day, there was this handle with a knob and you turned it round and round-you get the idea.

Of course, we’ve been using buttons to automatically raise and lower our windows since the ‘80s (or ‘70s if your parents were particularly rich), but these days, there are things you can do from the driver’s seat that you never could have imagined a few short years ago.

Who would have thought that Bluetooth technology would make it so that, not only can you talk on the phone while you are in your car, but you don’t even need a phone to do it? Even more impressive, who would have thought that it would become so commonplace that most new cars will soon have it or that it would even be within the budget of average people?

We don’t know about you, but we never imagined cars would be developed which would offer you a warning if someone is behind you (we kind of thought that’s what rearview mirrors were for). Heck, we remember when the idea of a car talking to you was something you only saw once per week on Knight Rider. Now your car can:

  • Tell you how to get where you’re going using GPS technology.
  • Tell you verbally if something is wrong with the car.
  • Nag you to get an oil change.
  • Recognize the signs of drowsy driving and tell you to wake up.
  • Play just about any kind of music you want to hear after hearing your voice command.

Of course, some cars still lack some of these features. But, they are becoming more and more common. It kind of makes you wonder if we won’t soon be flying through the air with George Jetson and Astro someday soon after all. Whatever they come up with, we just hope our auto loan calculator can keep up.

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